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Single Parents' Support Group

Where: Serrano's Coffee - Monument, Colorado

When: Wednesdays 6pm-7pm beginning November, 2018


What will I gain by attending?
Confidential and non-judgmental support, connection, ideas, and tools each week we meet.

Call or text Tami Urbanek at 719-641-2017 or email at

Pathway Parenting for Teen Parents and Pregnant Teens - Offered Upon Request

When bonding and nurturing occur between child and parent, the parent naturally honors and protects her child on a deep fundamental level. When that occurs, child abuse becomes a non-issue. Compassion, nurturing and bonding must occur between parent and child to facilitate a harmonious life-long relationship.

Pregnant teens and/or teen parents will engage in a seven-week program to learn the concepts of bonding and nurturing their child. Teens will participate in interactive models to learn and practice compassion, nurturing, and bonding. The program will specifically address self-esteem, self-judgment, and self-punishment tendencies. Focus will be teaching teens the concept of self-love and loving their child without conditions or restraints.

Week 1: Introduction to Program and Creation of Goals

  • Introductions for everyone in the group: Who am I? Why am I Here?
  • Creating a focus point for the program-what is the point to being here?
  • Discussion of ongoing main issues that get in the way of feeling good.
  • Creation of three goals for each participant-what will we achieve by Week 7?

Week 2: What Is Compassion and How Can We Practice It?

  • Participants define compassion as they see it
  • Show short video demonstrating compassion
  • What is the point to compassion? Why are we afraid of it? What are the long-term benefits to compassion? What is self-compassion? Why does it matter?
  • Participants begin identifying ways to offer self-compassion and compassion for her child/ren.

Week 3: What Is Bonding and How Do We Bond?

  • Participants define bonding. How is it a deeper level of love?
  • Interactive activity or video that shows bonding
  • What are the long-term painful consequences to NOT bonding? Where has there been a lack of bonding in growing up? Why? How?
  • How do we offer ourselves bonding and our children bonding? What does it LOOK like?
  • Review Goal #1

Week 4: What Are Our Blocks to Self-Healing?

  • How do we get in our own way? What does it look like?
  • Why bother healing? What.s the point?
  • What are our patterns that we can identify now that we know needs to change?
  • What is our procrastination?
  • Draw it out

Week 5: What is Nurturing, Self-Nurturing and How Do We Practice It?

  • Define nurturing and self-nurturing
  • Identify similarities and differences between compassion and nurturing
  • Why is it an important element? Identify examples about when or if we have been nurtured
  • How is it related to self-esteem?
  • Video or exercise on practicing nurturing
  • Review Goal #2

Week 6: Communicating With Our Babies (unborn and born)

  • Why is communication so important
  • Game on communication
  • How do we miscommunicate? How often? When have we felt misunderstood?
  • Identify reasons to enhance and support communicating with children
  • Emphasizing that everything we speak around our babies will be remembered on some level
  • Drawing communication

Week 7: Wrap-up and Review

  • Review Goal #3
  • What have we learned?
  • How will we apply this knowledge?
  • Mirror exercise
  • Creating a written plan
  • Creating a support system
  • Celebrate

Contact Tami Urbanek at or 719-641-2017 for more information.

Addiction Workshop

Addiction workshop would be as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous, through teaching ones to claim responsibility for their addictions. This class is an alternative because not only does it teach identifying and working with physical addictions but addictive thought, and addictive emotions as well.

We live in a society that teaches that true joy and happiness are separate from the individual. How many people look at life saying when I have this amount of money, when I have this relationship, when I have this or this or this...then I will be happy. Could this be an addiction?

An addiction is simply looking for power outside of yourself. When ones comes to that realization then they can make choices to put their power where it belongs. To identify the core of ones' addiction, and then releasing it, and last but not least, replacing it with something that truly will benefit the individual.

Workshops will last for two full days four times a year. This workshop is not limited to an age, gender or race. The purpose is to address all addictive thought patterns.

Helping Kids Move Past Pain

Some say being a child or teenager is the best time of life. But in many youth's experience it represents pain from rejection, bullying, and feeling like an outcast. How do we, as parents, assist our kids in moving past their pain and claim their individuality? This support group is for parents or other adults who want to more deeply support their kids in moving past their pain.

Cost: *FREE*

When: November 2018

Call or text Tami Urbanek at 719-641-2017 for more information or email at

Bullying Recovery Workshop

Get out of the box and start living a life of joy! This highly interactive one-day workshop is geared towards at-risk adolescent girls. Participants will be given an opportunity to discuss their experiences being bullied or even being a bully. In addition, we will cover fallouts of bullying, including shame, ridicule and self-punishment and provide tips and techniques to counter these sensitive issues and improve overall self-awareness and self-empowerment.

Contact Tami Urbanek at or at 719.641.2017 for more information or to request a workshop.

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