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Addiction Workshop

Addiction workshop would be as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous, through teaching ones to claim responsibility for their addictions. This class is an alternative because not only does it teach identifying and working with physical addictions but addictive thought, and addictive emotions as well.

We live in a society that teaches that true joy and happiness are separate from the individual. How many people look at life saying when I have this amount of money, when I have this relationship, when I have this or this or this...then I will be happy. Could this be an addiction?

An addiction is simply looking for power outside of yourself. When ones comes to that realization then they can make choices to put their power where it belongs. To identify the core of ones' addiction, and then releasing it, and last but not least, replacing it with something that truly will benefit the individual.

Workshops will last for two full days four times a year. This workshop is not limited to an age, gender or race. The purpose is to address all addictive thought patterns.


Support Group

Single Parents' Support Group

Where: TBD winter 2019/20

When: Wednesdays 6pm-7pm 


What will I gain by attending?
Non-judgmental support, connection, ideas, and tools each week we meet.

Call or text Tami Urbanek at 719-641-2017 or email at

Helping Our Teens Navigate Adolescence

Where: TBD in winter 2019/20

When: Thursday, once per month from 6-7pm

What will I gain by attending?

Non-judgmental support, connection, ideas and tools as it relates to raising teenagers.

Call or text Tami Urbanek at number above for ANY of the workshops and groups.


Bullying Recovery Workshop

Get out of the box and start living a life of joy! This highly interactive one-day workshop is geared towards at-risk adolescent girls. Participants will be given an opportunity to discuss their experiences being bullied or even being a bully. In addition, we will cover fallouts of bullying, including shame, ridicule and self-punishment and provide tips and techniques to counter these sensitive issues and improve overall self-awareness and self-empowerment.

Contact Tami at 719-641-2017 or at

Hands Up

Establishing a Positive Support System

A positive support system is crucial for growth and change. Many people have toxic friends or others that are non-supportive in one's life. This workshop helps participants to identify and learn the tools and steps to create a positive support system.

Contact Tami at 719-641-2017