About Us

The (original) Universal Education Foundation was founded in 1986, by Hossca and Rebecca Harrison. Years ago Hossca received a vision, after being in a coma, to establish a unique healing center, a healing center that would assist ones to heal outside of tradition. It is the Foundation's premise that if healing therapies of the past worked, we would live in a healed world. The traditions of healing must move beyond the past to a new horizon, a new beginning.


The Universal Education Foundation offers a different and unique healing experience. Since 1986, the Foundation has worked with children and their families to create a balance in the family unit. When balance does not exist, pain, anger, and fear are the result. Multiply this with all members of a family, the environment becomes explosive.

For over three decades the Universal Education Foundation has been dedicated to providing an opportunity for children, adolescents, adults, and family units to explore non-traditional healing techniques and attend educational classes in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Change is inevitable, how you choose to change is not. If something is not working, it is time to make a different choice, to create a different experience in life.

Is now the time for your healing to begin?


Teller County and Monument, Colorado